Monday, December 16, 2013

SEO optimization blog / website can pass two roads

SEO optimization blog / website can pass two roads , off page optimization and on page . This time we will learn more in advance about the off page SEO optimization jual alat bantu sex .
Imagine popping in a single day hundreds or even thousands of blogs / websites where in between there must be targeting the same keywords with us . The above is why , the importance of off page optimization is held .
Off page SEO is optimizing keywords out our blog . Many ways to to do this . For more details , let's consider the following steps :
1 . Backlinks .
Earn as many backlinks that point to your blog / website you created . Especially from your blog or website Air- high pagerank ( between 2-7 ) . To obtain backlinks can pass plug in your blog / website , forums , classified ads , social bookmarking , article directories , blog directories , or mailing lists . Such websites generally have a high PageRank , or at least tolerable , between 2-7 ranking .
To determine the pagerank , you can check in PR Checker ( type in google ) or directly install the Google Toolbar in your web browser .
2 . Anchor Text Links and Oneway Backlink .
OFF PAGECara SEO is similar to the first way , it's just that here we have a link to the blog / website alat bantu sex aman belongs to us without a link back to your blog / website that link to our blog . The main one in the link to your blog / website is to be the link that contains the keywords similar to those we seek. Examples of Anchor Text Link : BLOG BUSINESS AND MOTIVATION
3 . Anchor Text Links and Two-way backlinks .
Basically the same as the way number 2 , only here there must be a link back to the blogs / websites that link to your blog / website . The term generally is exchange links ( Link Exchange ) .
One more thing , and this is the main one , the blog / webiste that gives Anchor text should be relevant to the blog / website belongs to us . Examples blogs / websites that discuss similar topics .
4 . You can comment with the name of your keywords .
At the time commented on the blog / website , try to fill in the name with the name of the keyword that is being targeted . Even so , we must still make comments that are qualified and relevant to the article you commented on . Because that is not the case will be considered SPAM .
Try also commented on the blog / website Air- high pagerank . In addition to the comments in the article , could also grow baclink in the guest book .
That was the steps in the optimization off page SEO . The advantage , in addition to boost the position of your blog / website in the search engines , it will automatically alat bantu sex also contribute additional extra traffic to your blog / website that we manage .
Everything requires a process . So also with optimas SEO . In order to obtain a high position in the search engine will probably take a little longer . But with patience and perseverance , and diligent post through the steps of SEO both on- page or off page , then the position of the blog / webiste will increase . With so certainly pagerank will also increase.
Essentially the more keywords generated , the higher the position of your blog / website in the search engines (search engines ) , for various keywords .
Ways of off page SEO optimization that we mentioned above are just some of the ways SEO off page optimization . Of course there are many other ways . Please find and develop your own . Let's get together to share and learn Jasa Pembuatan toko online .


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