Sunday, February 23, 2014 Penyedia Hosting Terburuk Di Indonesia

Bagi para member baru atau yang sudah lama memakai jasa hosting di mohon segera tinggalkan, dari beberapa kasus yang terjadi di pihak dari selalu merugikan para member..

Misal :
1. penghapusan domain dengan mengantikan dengan pw
sekilas memang kita berpikir bahwa pihak bertanggung jawab, tapi disisi lain sangat merugikam bagi pihak member, knapa? visitor menurun, tidak terindex google.. web saya dengan domain kurang lebih 25 web rata-rata 1000 kunjungan per hari, dan sudah hampir semua berada di halaman 1. dengan di gantinya menjadi pw.. berantakan semua...

2. penggantian tema
pihak berinisiatif mengganti tema dari akun member/member area.. namun akibat dari upgrate tema tersebut.. banyak web error dan tidak terselesaikan sampai sekarang.

3. web gratis, premium dan bisnis
kalau kita liat di idhostinger terdapat 3 paket, yaitu yang gratis, premium dan bisnis.. kalu kita pikir yang gratis wajar error karena gratisan, tapi sudah saya rasakan yang bisnis juga error dan selalu disuspend. alasanya beragan  katanya di batasi kuerinya.. gimana kuerinya penuh web aja baru saya buat malam,, eh paginya sudah disuspen.. aneh bukan

itu 3 contoh kecil bahwa idhostinger bukanlah penyedia layanan hosting yang baik.. masih bnyak lagi yang lain.. mungin teman-teman pernah merasakan silahkan sher disini..

Jadi yang merasa tertipu oleh idhostinger segera tinggalkan layanan hosting idhostiner. bagi yang merasa puas, silahkan aja tetap memakai jasa hosting tersebut namun saya pastikan suatu saat nanti pasti anda akan merasakannya...

Buat anda yang merasa ditipu oleh idhostinger silahkan cofy paste artikel ini dan sebarkan ke tempat lain jangan sampai idhostinger meraja lela

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Papaya plant pests terms determinant in the success or failure rate

Papaya plant pests terms determinant in the success or failure rate of planting papaya cultivation .Pests and diseases of papaya plants tremendous influence on papaya plants . If we planted papaya experiencing symptoms of the arrival of pests should be overcome . Many are careless in handling this issue . Bintaro Xchange Mall  Most of them were new treat pests . if plants are infected with pests is more difficult to overcome.

My suggestion is better to prevent than to cure .
Disorders of papaya plants are grouped into two PEST and DISEASE . Flower breeding period was the most experienced in the second period is during the dry season that usually come to disturb papaya most types of pests while in the rainy season disorder that is often experienced disease / fungus .
pepayaA . Pests papaya groups are:Mealybug or plant liceMites red / brown / greenFruit flies .
Papaya plant pests into the above three kinds of cells are usually suck fluid in the tissues . ( leaf stems papaya fruit is by using his mouth ) . consequently it can contract leaves , straw brass fruit damaged outer skin and flesh color it if mateng blonteng ( bangle ) If not immediately addressed his growth and damaged even death . Mealybug pests , mites , fruit flies , usually appears during the dry season , the rainy season usually goes away by itself .
Fleas and ticks fleas white
Papaya pest is a small white membrane covered in soft yarn . clustered proliferated , spreading to fly with the wind and colonized by ants . .
How to ruin :Sucking fluid stem cells in the leaf tissue of fruit is by using his mouth . As a result the leaves can mengkerujut damaged leaf dehydration
Mall di Jakarta and death . If stuck in this mealybug clustered fruit and papaya fruit to absorb the liquid .
How to cope :If exposed to mealybugs spray with insecticide , which is potent to this day please wear alika insecticides . ( read the rules of use in the packaging and do not use more than the recommended dose ) If severe pest attacks add detergent . Prune severely affected parts of the papaya and destroy .
pepayaTugau pest red / brown / greenSimilar forms of pest spider mites are small less than 1mm
How to ruin :The papaya plant pests suck the leaf buds and young shoots of plants . Part of being attacked discolored scars become yellow and black polka dots and grow wrinkled unhealthy . .
Solution:If exposed to red mite control with sulfur flour exhales into the manner in which infected papaya leaf surface . or spraying using acaricides ( such kelthane or morestan ) . ( read the rules of use in the packaging and do not use more than the recommended dose )
Fruit fliesPapaya fruit fly pests are usually pierced with oral appliance snout through the skin of fruit and then put telurnya.Masa / period of about 0.1 to 20 eggs a day . Papaya fruit fly breeding fast and clustered . The effects of the sting of his loss , if not his rotok became swollen lump .
buahcara fly pest handle :Create a trap with plastic bottles in excitatory use petrogenol , or put in mothballs hanging around papaya , functions as a repellent fruit flies fruit flies make no appetite .
Disease Group B. Group Mushrooms can be identified as follows:bacterial wiltDamping rod

Kontes SEO 2014 Stem rotAnthracnose / rotten fruit .

Saturday, February 15, 2014

how to treat a swollen heart - , the heart is a vital organ

how to treat a swollen heart - , the heart is a vital organ , therefore we need to keep our best not to have swelling in the heart of the most feared because of course the effect of the swollen heart . when a person has experienced Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia swelling of the heart , they are at risk of developing blood clots and difficulty breathing .
swollen heart disease is a situation in which the heart becomes weak and enlarged , so that the heart is unable to pump blood throughout the body to its full potential . heart disease patients usually complain of fatigue swelling and difficulty breathing when strenuous physical activity , but in time they will be more serious and will still be hard to breathe while in a state of rest . in addition, the patient also complained pembengakakan feet and flatulence , occur because the collection of water and be able to wake up all of a sudden , when you're lying on your back .
cause swelling of heart disease
The following are some of the causes of a person suffering from heart disease swelling , which are as follows :

infrequent physical activity
have a heart defect from birth
weak heart muscle
heart valve damage
have high blood pressure
The following are some symptoms that can be felt by people with swollen heart disease , including :

Feel uneasy at the top of the body
Feel uncomfortable in the chest as the pain often appear and disappear again
Feel short of breath ( Shortness of breath is a sign that most should be suspected heart disease , even if you do not have symptoms of chest pain , acid or other symptoms of heart disease ) .
before you puffy heart disease , the doctor immediately if symptoms do inspection of the symptoms experienced by you . But what if the doctor diagnose that you are suffering from heart disease and swollen immediately to perform medical treatment , but you are reluctant to do it . we now provide a solution treatment of heart disease swelling that naturally is by taking traditional medicine Ace Maxs heart swelling as a way of treating heart swelling with natural ingredients made ​​from natural extracts of mangosteen peel and leaves of the soursop , very powerful for heart disease drugs without side effects swelling .treatment solutions natural swollen heart disease Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia  is by taking traditional medicine Ace Maxs heart swelling as a way of treating heart swelling natural
ace maxs 1cara treating heart swelling with herbal medicine Ace Maxs indeed is the most effective and safe in the treatment , because Ace MultiKhasiat Maxs a herbal remedy made ​​from whole natural ingredients without the use of chemicals at all , so it is safe in treatment. made from a blend of mangosteen peel extract and soursop leaves that have been clinically tested and proven to have properties that can cure various diseases , including heart disease effectively until the swelling completely down to its roots . In addition to made ​​from a blend of mangosteen peel extract and soursop leaves , traditional medicine swollen heart Maxs Ace also combines other natural ingredients such as apples , grapes , pure honey which has a role as a colorant , a sweetener , as well as a natural preservative .
how to treat a swollen heart - , mangosteen peel extract which is the main ingredient in traditional medicine swollen heart Maxs Ace xanthones contain substances that are rich in antioxidants . Antioxidants are needed by the body to counteract free radicals . free radical itself can lead to degenerative diseases such as heart disease . Antioxidants are useful to eliminate toxins in the body so that blockages can be addressed , which was clogged blood vessels now began to widen and smooth blood circulation thus increases oxygen supply to the heart muscle . If you regularly consume Ace Maxs it can maintain a healthy heart from cardiovascular problems .
in addition, the efficacy of soursop leaves are also very good for treating heart disease swollen , because the content of soursop leaves are very important nutrients for our body such as : fructose , fat , protein , calcium , phosphorus , iron , vitamin A , and vitamin B , then class compounds tannins , phytosterols , and alkaloids , and acetogenins . The content of the leaves of the soursop in addition to having anticancer and antitumor properties are also good for the heart because it is capable of lowering high blood pressure and heart activity menormal right . not only that soursop leaves also have vasodilator properties that dilate blood vessels are clogged .how to order traditional medicine Ace Maxs heart swelling as a way of treating heart swelling natural
That's the reason why we recommend traditional medicine Ace Maxs heart swelling as a way of treating heart swelling naturally , does not hurt you to try for a natural treatment puffy heart . for those of you who are interested and want to order , how pemesananya is easy . you just send the booking form to No. 085,320,175,414 in the following format ! Causes of Leaky Heart BabyQuestion: What causes my heart baby ( 5 months ) leak ? There is no instance of the disease in my or my husband, and while pregnant I was never sick or taking drugs other than obstetricians .
Answer: Mother pediatric cardiac abnormalities are congenital , meaning present at birth or since the end of the first 3 months of pregnancy . Type of disorder is a hole between the chambers of the heart . Why only discovered the age of 2 months ?
This is because before the age of 2 months , prisoners or pressure in the lungs is still high so that the pressure in the right ventricle is also high . This condition causes no significant pressure differences between the left ventricle and the right ventricle . As a result , although there is a hole , blood flow through the hole is still little so as not to cause a heart murmur , so it does not sound when the doctor examined . Pulmonary prisoners will continue to fall after Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online Terpercaya birth and reached the lowest level in the age of 2 months . Therefore , at the age of 2 months of recent significant difference between the left ventricle and the right ventricle so that the heart murmur .
The cause of most congenital heart defects ( 90 % ) is unknown . Environmental factors such as maternal smoking , taking prescription medication outside , infections during pregnancy is said to play a role 3 % . The remaining 7 % for instance . Because the cause is largely unknown , and only 7% of transcription factors , is likely to give birth to children with congenital heart defects are relatively small .

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Want to drop out of the boyfriend , but was afraid to hurt her ?

Want to drop out of the boyfriend , but was afraid to hurt her ? Of course , there are many reasons that make you do it .

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However , breaking up with a good way is it wise chosen by most people . Well , here's how to decide girlfriend without leaving a bad impression .
1 . Make sure that you have chosen the right time and place to do it . All that you should do to keep his feelings .
2 . Tell him that your relationship is not going well . Explain slowly . Do not rush !
3 . Say that you are very sorry with your decision . However , that is best for you and girlfriend relationship .
4 . If you have other reasons underlying your decision to split up , tell him . Be honest and do nothing is covered up .
6 . Do not be selfish or rude . Avoid this attitude because it will only make things worse .
7 . Immediately after completion of say , go away from him. Leave her alone because it can be a little calm her .
Here are seven ways to decide girlfriend without Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murah

leaving a bad impression on the relationship. Good luck !

Monday, February 3, 2014

Polrestabes Surabaya reveal the sex business practices involving minors as gigolos

Polrestabes Surabaya reveal the sex business practices involving minors as gigolos or male commercial sex workers ( CSWs ) . In Surabaya , in addition there is a coordinated gigolo pimp , was also there that operate independently .
As in the world Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia
of work , there are also among gigolo term promoted . At least that is understood Andi ( 27 ) , an independent gigolo . Starting as a freelance gigolo or call now Andi has been ' promoted ' into a gigolo who has been nurtured by a woman who became loyal customers .
Different freelance gigolo and pets are in the nature of income . Gigolo pet ` get ` regular salary , while earning a freelance gigolo uncertain , depending on the rise and fall of the number of users .
According to Andi , who graduated from high school , binds the customer is not easy for a gigolo . As the number of aunts excited that so many consumers are not in Surabaya , the gigolo must be very clever self-promotion.
Andi different from Muhlisin ( 27 ) , which concurrently gigolo pimp who has been arrested apparatus Polrestabes Surabaya on 26 November. For employing underage gigolo , Muhlisin considered child trafficking ( human trafficking ) and taken away .
Muhlisin not picky target , and even openly advertise their services in newspapers . Provided that there is interest to them and price accordingly , he and his men are ready to serve , including serving the gay ( men who are interested in his fellow men ) .
Gigolo as it is a gigolo kind Muhlisin foraging . He had little aggregated user - select , which is important to money , finish . ` Element ` taste ( taste ) to be number two .
Usually the rate agreed Muhlisin ahead . " But , if the customer was satisfied , the pay is usually exaggerated , " said Muhlisin .
Andi , in this case , lucky . His official work as part of a public relations staff ( PR ) in a luxury apartment in Surabaya making Andi know many upper -class citizens here , as well as quite understand their lifestyle .
" Apparently, a lot of rich people whose lives are lonely , not only men but also women , " said Andi .
Somehow learning , Andi admitted could tell which women are lonely and poor ` love ` , and which ones are not .
Be between 172 cm and weight 66 kg , body posture Andi does look quite ideal . By mastering the techniques of marketing and communications as a PR , Andi finally able to lure a career woman who becomes official at a large national private banks .
Before meeting the 35-year -old woman ,
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Andi just freelance gigolo . However, since 8 months ago , Andi ` promoted ` pet becomes a gigolo woman has a husband and child.
" She's a beautiful woman and I love . He is not stingy to fulfill what I asked , " I'm Andi is actually also married and have children one .
For the ' rank ' of this new , Andi earn regular income at least Rp 3 million per month . This value is greater than his income for a month as an employee of PR