Sunday, July 13, 2014

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cultivation, mushroom, oyster, white, oyster mushroom cultivation In his natural life in the wild mushroom grows and grows normally grown under broad-leaved trees or woody plants below. It is important to do so pale in oyster mushroom cultivation Mushroom Pleurotus and keep in mind this does not require a lot Agen Bola Tangkas Online Terpercaya dan Terbaik 2014 sun.
From the research results obtained that the mycelium stored in a shady spot, they predominate Famous Spots: Yoy verdict in the light of the full sunlight. Mycelium is a network in which the group of fungal hyphae. Mycelium can grow on wood cell walls by doing penetration in wood cell walls by means melubanginya.
The process of penetration of wood cell walls assisted by splitting enzyme cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin produced by the fungus through the end of the threads of mycelium. Wood-digesting enzyme compounds as well as to take advantage of resources (nutrients) food. Conditions Grow JamurTiram
1. Temperature
Fiber (mycelium) white oyster mushrooms grow well at temperatures between 23-28 ° C, meaning that the normal temperature range for growth. Although it is so, with the temperature below 23 ° C, the mycelium fungus can still grow even require a much slower. As for the shape of the fruit body growth as Toko online murah terbaik di Indonesiaoyster shells, require temperatures between 13-15 ° C for 2 samapai 3 days.
When the low temperature is not available, then there are two possible reasons for this, namely the growth of fungus grows will not be formed, which means maintenance is unsuccessful, or even formed then the time required will be longer. But even so the second phase is white oyster mushroom is still able to grow at a temperature range from 12 to 37.8 ° C.
2. Slowdown
Water content SUBSTRACT very influential on the growth and development of mushroom mycelium. Too little water will result in the growth and development will be affected, even at a standstill. However, when too much water, the mycelium will rot and die. The water content in the plant will be obtained SUBSTRACT well when done watering. Mushrooms grow well in moist conditions, but will not allow water stag Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesianation. Oyster mushroom mycelium grows optimally at SUBSTRACT which owns about 60% water content. As for stimulating the growth of buds and fruit body, requires air humidity around 70-85%.


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