Friday, July 18, 2014

In general, the experts suggested that the

In general, the experts suggested that the acid soil problems can be solved with technology calcification, because calcification can raise Agen Casino Onlinesoil pH and reduced Al toxicity that poisons precisely and accurately. However, liming is not enough because of deficiency (deficient) nutrients need to be overcome by fertilization, while the problem of low water holding capacity that needs to be overcome by the addition of organic matter to the soil.
In practice in the field, fertilizer use fertilizers with nitrogen content (N) and phosphorus (P) was able to reduce the high pH of the soil so that the soil becomes acidic. Therefore, the use of fertilizer N and P content higher must be balanced with proper liming. The use of organic matter decaying unfinished also can lower the pH of the soil even if only temporarily. If the weathering have been completed, the soil pH will rise again. To that end, the use of organic materials preferably after decaying because it can increase the soil pH. If using fresh organic ingredients, should be given sufficient incubation period with soil, ranging from 4-6 weeks to avoid reactions acidify the soil. In mountain
Agen Judi Bolaous areas with low temperatures, giving fresh organic ingredients sometimes even necessary to raise the temperature of the soil. Soil pH values
The pH value of the soil is a soil chemical characteristics are very important in determining fertility tanh as the availability of plant nutrients is very berkitan the soil pH value. The higher the pH the more acidic the soil means the soil. The population and activity of microorganisms in the soil is also strongly influenced by soil pH. Soil pH can be in various ways, namely using litmus paper, pH meter and pH tester.
In acid soils (low pH), soil dominated by ions of Al, Fe, and Mn. These ions will bind much needed nutrients the plants, especially the elements of P (phosphorus), K (potassium), S (sulfur), Mg (magnesium) and Mo (molybdenum) so that the plant can not absorb food properly although the content of the element many nutrients in the soil. In this condition, the acidity of the soil-value <7. In addition to ions of Al, Fe, and Mn binding nutrients, ions are also toxic to plants. In acid soils, the content of micro elements like zinc (Zn), copper (Cu) and cobalt (Co) are also high in plant poisoning. value-neutral pH 7, under these conditions most of the nutrients easily soluble in water so that the plant can easily absorb nutrients. In alkaline soils with the highest degree of acidity (pH> 7) elements of P (phosphorus) will be m
Agen Bola Terpercayauch bound by Ca (calcium), while micro elements molybdenum (Mo) are in large quantities. Mo element on alkaline soils lead poisoning plants.


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