Thursday, April 24, 2014

Until now the snack food industry entrepreneurs with cassava

Until now the snack food industry entrepreneurs with cassava is in Magelang regency had difficulty in meeting the needs of their raw materials. Demand continues to increase while the production yield of cassava farmers perceived Magelang still far from expectations. So as to address the need for raw materials business, business actors need to bring in BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAoutside areas of cassava production including from Purworejo, Kebumen, Waterford and other districts. With the existing land area, increased production of cassava by extension or addition of new land was hard to do given the cassava is not a major agricultural production bases in Magelang District. Then possible effort to do is to increase production by intensification. That is a way of increasing production by optimizing the production of cassava in the cassava fields exist.
One of the efforts made by the Government of Magelang District Implementing Agency through Extension and Food Security (BPPKP) is the improvement of seeds and cassava cultivation techniques. To introduce the varieties of cassava cultivation techniques and how it carried out demonstration plots Agricultural activities. One type of cassava varieties tested level of productivity is "Blooming Beads" which is managed by Mr. Ward Seworan Based on the results of field tests through the demonstration plot showed encouraging results. Cassava yields obtained can reach 20 kg / tree, while during this yields obtained by farmers with varieties that they used to grow only can reach 8-10 kg / tree. As acknowledged by Mr. Miftahudin which is one of the farmers participating in FFD.
Farm Field Day (FFD) or a Farmer Field Meeting meetings with farmers to introduce better technology in agriculture. This activity is a series of extension activities namely demonstration plots BPPKP Agricultural Commodities. In order to obtain as much benefit from this activity, then implementing activities FFD has invited more than 50 farmers of cassava farmers in the village Seworan Grabag the District and surrounding area.
Mr. Herman Ir.Eko WiDi which is currently
MASTERPOKER88.COM JUDI POKER ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA RESMI DAN TERPERCAYA serving in the Department of Agriculture District. Magelang in his speech said that the uniqueness of cassava Blooming Bead with characteristic white leaf stems and the taste is good enough to produce 40 tonnes per hectare while the maintenance period until ready to harvest 9-12 months old.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Implementering Navorsing

Die studie bestaan ​​uit verskeie fases, naamlik:. 1. Oriëntasie veld 2 Medley veld, wat insluit die ontleding van grond, meting van temperatuur, humiditeit en pH van die grond, 3 eksperimente in die laboratorium wat die ontginning en die identifisering van grond fauna, asook die ontleding van die inhoud van C en. N grond.
1. Oriëntasie natuurlik Geaardheid veld is bedoel op te spoor en bepaal die toepaslike Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercaya plek vir navorsing doeleindes die lokasie van die studie in ooreenstemming met die doel van die navorsing te verkry. In hierdie studie bepaal die plek van die navorsing is in die Oil Palm plantasie Area Distrik van Hoop Bejubang, Jambi-provinsie. Geografies hierdie streek is geleë tussen 103015'0 suiderbreedte en 205'0'', 5'' oostelike lengtegraad.
Gebied Medley Ontleding van grond as 'n plek om te woon Collembola uitgevoer met behulp van 'n boor met 'n grondmonster ring deursnee en 5 cm hoog. Grondmonsters word lukraak gedoen. Vir die ontleding van grond in Oil Palm plantasie Area om die Hope uitgevoer in 5 erwe met mekaar plot grootte van 50m x 50m. binne elke plot vervat 5 subplots met die grootte van elke intrige 5m x 5m. ontleding van grond gedoen om soveel as 3 grondmonsters uit elke intrige (figuur 3.1).
Figuur 3.1. Ontleding van grond op elke subplot
Grond monsters sal een keer 'n maand geneem word vir ses maande, met ander woorde om drie grondmonsters tydens die nat seisoen en droë seisoen drie grondmonsters. Net so vir die meting van pH, temperatuur, humiditeit en gedoen een keer 'n maand vir ses maande. Die instrument wat gebruik word vir die meting van pH deur die gebruik van lakmoespapier is grond te neem en meng met water en dan gemeet. Terwyl die temperatuur meting met behulp van 'n grond termometer wat deur die steek van die grond en sien die temperatuur veranderinge wat plaasvind. Vir vog meting met behulp van die berekening van die water-inhoud, met behulp van die formule: % Water = (B - (C - A)) / B x 100% A = gewig van die beker B = gewig van die materiaal C = gewig van gereg + stof
Laboratorium Medley Ontleding van N en C Ontleding van N en C uitgevoer by die laboratorium van Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia  Grond en Omgewingsake Biotegnologie IPB ITSL. Ontleding van die gebruik van die N Kjeldahl metode (1883), terwyl dit vir C analise met behulp van die metode van Walkley & Swart.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Period of nearly mature , good women for good men - well , and vice versa

After high school and college , I still participate mentoring turned into halaqoh language , meaning the meeting . Alhamdulillaah , has begun a good drift . Length veil and started getting serious when it wants to fall in love with someone . Because of frequent dicekokin about the adultery prohibition approach dating , I just wanted to get married 
Jasa SEO Bergaransi when he met with a man who I think is good and pious . And in my life , I was 3 times in love - that - serious , falling in love because it aims to raise a family samara .
First, I ask myself through someone who knew the brothers that I like it ( brothers , the term to refer to men who follow halaqoh too ) . Since the first mother Siti Khodijah also submit themselves to the Prophet Muhammad . I am the very same jamming his fans , want to follow his story . After all you want to know the certainty wrote. Let my days guns are always overshadowed by the brothers . I want the good , the term ta'aruf ( = introduction ) . Taaapiii , rejected . Hwaaaa ....
Secondly , I'm more careful . Ga would like donkey , fell in the same hole . I had no intention to volunteer . Just give aja concerns , both small and great . For this second , actually I doubt it . Because so many things that do not fit the criteria . But still wrote , love . Hehe ... So , I dare ga forward first . Leave it running . Until tau - tau I dapet news if she's already engaged. Jdeerrr ....
Amid the confusion , I was trying to divert to work . I happen to work in the poor community development agencies . Meet poor mothers who already eat acid salt of life . Bitterness betrayed husband , the difficulty of arranging finance with minimal income , the children who ultimately less attention busy parents to earn a livelihood , they become the children are very lacking in understanding religion . Well guns all hell , whose daughter is well there too . And all of the fact that , had me scared to get married .
However , increasing age . Parents also
Jual Baju Online Murah already getting restless . Understandably pertamah child . Woman taken into . So should get married . So ya kepalah dizziness .
One time , Aa Gym bertaushiyah never like this , " There is a young man who complained to Aa , he wants to get married , but a mediocre face gini , which no one wants , A ? " Then answered Aa Gym , " Eeeeh , do not insult Allah 's creation . Let me put it this way - so , too, the face of Allah 's creation . Ga be so . Mate issue also matters of Allah . " Well , that's the point taushiyahnya .