Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bisnis Tas Perca Batik Omzetnya Selangit

Patchwork batik for most people regarded as a waste turns holds the potential to be developed into high value products . For the layman it may be impossible , but in the hands of Sri Susanti ( 36 ) , patchwork batik was able to be transformed into a unique product creation and selling at market value . The abundance of waste patchwork batik in the neighborhood of the Bantul Pleret inspire residents to make use of various kinds of bags into a variety of shapes Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online .

" I feel really pity if the raw materials ( patchwork batik ) just thrown away , but if used properly will inevitably result in a product that is attractive , " he told the team bisnisUKM coverage . The process of trial an error made ​​wives of Dwi Istiarto ( 36 ) that by relying on its sewing skills since childhood . The condition is recognized Ms. Sri enough to help realize the creative ideas of many kinds of products , such as shopping bags , travel bags , school bags , etc. .

Creative Business Bags BatikKenapa rag bag ? Recognized as Mother Sri beginning of the pioneering efforts of the first order is the order that makes the bag . " In 2006 after the earthquake more precisely ( get the order bag ) , from there I started to develop this business with product specifications bags , " he added . Through an acquaintance , Ms Sri begin marketing the bags daring creations are mostly sold in the markets . Only after the product began to be known a lot of people , instead of her many ' hunted ' by the merchants to serve as suppliers .
Stretching Perca Bags Batik Business bisnis internet online

Almost all the creations which brought 2R Mother Sri Batik Craft as his business name is taken by subscribers of Yogyakarta and Central Java . " Most of them are traders who ngetem in tourist locations seputaran Yogyakarta and Central Java , as Malioboro , Beringharjo , Prambanan , Borobudur , etc. , " he explained . So sometimes when the holiday season arrives , Mrs. Sri claimed production capacity can be increased more than 100 % .

Creator Bags Perca BatikDibantu more than 40 production workers , Ibu Sri day capable of producing various types of 100-200 pcs bag . The products were 95 % taken by customers . Thus, routine lived the mother of two sons currently fulfilling orders more customers can reach 3,000 pcs / week . Because almost entirely taken up by the customer , Ibu Sri has not so far had a special workshop to market its products . All production processes and marketing done in the house .

" It could be quite kualahan well , let alone getting to here the raw material ( patchwork batik ) increasingly difficult and rare in the market , so it must be very clever in managing production , " said Mrs. Sri . To anticipate the scarcity of raw materials , it did stock the products , which perform large-scale production as the raw materials readily available . Strategies of stock products at this time believed Ms. Sri most effective , let alone the more days many parties who volunteered to become a marketer / reseller Mother Sri product creation .
Product Info 2R Batik Craft

For the price , 2R Batik creations Craft products sold at varying prices , depending on the type of bag . Common bag ( such as school bags , shopping bags , and the like ) are marketed at a price of 15,000 , 00 to 20,000, 00 / pcs . While the travel bag to bag models marketed at a price Rp.35.000 , 00 / pcs . With such a price range , Ibu Sri claimed in a week could pocket an average turnover of 6-8 million Euro lowongan kerja .

As for the characteristic of the product creation 2R Batik Craft by Ms. Sri besides affordable price is the use of bright colors . In addition , it also receives sales service or warranty . " For after-sales service only for stitches , so for example there jahitanya defective products can be brought here for us to fix it, and even then only valid for 3 months only , " he added .

When asked about the future expectations , without a doubt Mrs. Sri wants his business could be grown with greater capacity . Especially with the development of the business , he could be even more embracing mothers households in their area to be empowered as energy production . " The presence of media coverage ( ) like this can hopefully introduce our products to a wider range , the minimum can reach all of Java , " said the graduate of English language education . Hail SuccessAgen Bola Promo ! !


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