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Tutorial cara membuat toko online dengan wordpress 

Jasa pembuatan toko online murah - WordPress is awesome CMS is selling used everywhere who until recently to be the best among all CMS . In this tutorial we will learn to create a website that has an online store function in it . More simply put we will create an online clothing store which is fully functional .
If you have never created a website before online store , alat bantu sex here's a quickie tutorial that might help . There are many plugins available to make WordPress function as an online shop , but we will use the WP e - Commerce .
This template is designed specifically for the online store website . Wordpress is the best CMS at this time , it is perfect when combined with the template IndoStore . Making your online store website like a search engine and has an attractive design !
Design professionals
Theme IndoStore has 7 color options that you can set easily in IndoStore Options . You also can change the appearance of the Header , Featured Banner , Logo , and many features that are available .
Simple Shopping Cart System
Available features a shopping cart that allows customers to shop at your store when your website . Customer orders will be automatically sent to your email that you can then continue to trade further .
Easy Theme Options
This template is equipped with theme options , the special panel for setting pulau pari  the template where you can easily set the display and other settings on this template . Easy !Lots of theme - id members who are confused because his dashboard wp - admin wordpress appear different from the usual
The error occurs because during install WordPress using Softaculous , which is wordpress multi- user install ( wordpress multisite ) obat pembesar penis
Note this image
install- wp- use - Softaculous
Make sure the Enable Multisite section ( WPMU ) must be unchecked , unless you really want to install wordpress MU , wokeh

SEO Friendly
IndoStore equipped with basic SEO techniques such as H1 H2 H3 and breadcrumb are usually often required by many people to the website favored by search engines like Google , Bing and so on .
   pulau pari 
Tutorials & Support
Equipped with a complete pictorial tutorial PDF form that will assist you in using this template . Support from We will always continue to help you , send a ticket in the helpdesk if you have problems in using the template of Us .
Take a look at these screenshots !Here we will learn in the tutorial how to create an online store :

Installing WordPress , then setting up plugins WP eCommerce
Creating a product sample and then publish .
Ok .. let's start the tutorial how to create a professional online store with wordpress . Before starting , I assume that you already have the latest version installed wordpress on your hosting server . For those who do not know how to create a blog , please read and read first in gugel : D . My advice should be used as a secure and reliable hosting MWN .1 . Preparation before installing the plugin settings :

Please login to your WordPress admin ( ) obat aborsi and then click Post >> All Post and delete posts intalasi.Juga default default default page >> Pages All Pages .

Now we will change the default theme with a free theme , please look for itself what is the most suitable theme yet highly not recommended to use a theme other than WordPress . In this tutorial Budhe choose theme Catch Box ( please download here ) Click on the Appearance >> Themes >> Install Themes . When finished , turn theme .
Go to Settings - > General make the following changes :
Site Title content with your online store such as Online Stores obat pembesar penis
Tagline tagline with your store for example All Cheap Clothes
Select the option Anyone can register .
Then click Save Changes .
general settings online stores

Edit permalink by clicking Settings >> jual alat bantu sex Permalinks , select Post name and save it . The permalinks settings page url so akana make better . Setting will result url like this : . Wordpress defaut url like this : .
permalink settings online stores

Discussions then go to Settings >> uncheck all of the options and save it . This will prevent all kinds of comments to the e - commerce site .
2 . Install the plugin WP e - Commerce
To install the WP eCommerce plugin process just like install plugins in general . Once the plugin is activated , you will find a new menu under the menu Comment Product in your wordpress admin page . Also the Store menu is a sub menu of the Settings menu peluang usaha online .
Process briefly install the plugin like this :
Go to Plugins >> Add New and then in the search field enter " WP e - commerce " click Search Plugins.setelah met plugin called WP e - commerce clicks install and activate the plugin now to start installing the plugin WP e - Commerce plugin which is the basis of our online store .3 . Setting WP e - Commerce .
obat telat bulan Please login to your wordpress admin page .
Once the plugin is installed , you will see a new menu and dashboard Products in Store option in the Settings section . Products menu is used to add different products to your website and Online Store Store option is used to setup the plugin .
Setting WP e - Commerce
In your dashboard , you will also find three new items are Store Upgrades and Sales Store Sales .
Some important settings before configuring plugins .

Please go to Settings - > Reading
Front page displays select A alat bantu sex  static page ( select below ) then on the drop down Front page : select the Products page . This will ensure that when customers visit your online store , the product page will be displayed by default on the front page .
setting -reading4 . Creating the Contact Us page .
We will use the Contact Form 7 plugin to create a Contact Us page . For that please do the installation process as last time instsalasi WP eCommerce and switch .
After activation please click on the Settings Contact Form 7 . Setting fairly alat bantu sex  easy to do , just fill in your email address in the To: field under Mail option and copy the generated code and paste short into a post , page or in the text content widgets .
Examples of its use :

The code like this [ contact - form- 7 id = " 10 " title = " Contact form 1_copy " ]
Create a new page Pages >> Add New then name the Contact Us page .
In the Visual and Html option select Edit HTML , paste the code into the page content .
Click Publish .
5 . Setting WP e - Commerce
Go to Settings >> Store . Here you can create different settings as needed .
5a . General

Base Country / Region : choose Indonesia
Target Markets : Select International alat bantu sex Indonesia is to tick all the target countries .
Current Type : Select Indonesia ( Indonesian Rupiah )
Then save it .
wp - settings - general - commerce
5b . Presentation

Select Add to Cart for Button Type .
You can activate the additional option of Show Product Ratings, Show Stock Availability, Display Fancy Purchase Notifications , Display per item shipping etc. For now we will just choose the look Display per item shipping .
Gird View Settings enter the 3 products per row and tick Display Description , Display alat bantu sex " Add to Cart " Button and Display options " More Details " Button .
Shopping Cart Settings : in Cart Location select Widgets and tick Display " + Postage & Tax " :
You can set the format of the product thumbnail image thumbnails Settings .
You can enable other options to suit your needs . But for now just let others default .
shop - online - setting - Presentation

Advance Notice Theme Settings box on the right , tick all the list and then click Move Template Files . This will ensure you are using WordPress Theme That would be integrated with WP e - commerce plugin . And every time you replace it with a new theme , this step do not let up ! .
integrate theme
5c . admin

The first three options are used to you pulau tidung that sell downloadable products like software , music , games etc.
Purchase Log Email and Purchase Receipt - Reply Address : enter your email address .
Enter your name in the Purchase Receipt - Reply Name :
Set Terms and Conditions ( Terms and Conditions Set ) if any .
You can edit and Admin Report Purchase Receipt ( Receipt Purchase and Admin Report format ) on the Custom Messages .
Tracking responses ( Tracking responses ) can also be made from this page .
Finally click Update .
5d . ( Taxes ) Tax
alat bantu sex Here you can define tax rules to suit your needs . You can also specify the tax per item .
5e . Shipping ( delivery )
This time we will add the plugin WP e - commerce system that is integrated with the local post tariff Indonesia such as TIKI JNE or WPE - Indoshipping.Plugin that is flexible , so it is not just for JNE alone , but can be used for all kinds of shipments in Indonesia at a rate based on shipping destination .

WPE - file upload plugin through the plugin installer in your WP admin .
Atifkan this plugin .
Log in to the wp e - commerce settings - > Shipping .
This plugin check , and update . This is to inform WP E - commerce shipping system that we identified .
To rename Shipping accordance with the delivery service you use , just click on the Edit menu , and change the Name Shipping .
You have to arrange shipping with IndoShipping pulau tidung  click >> Manage and add the price for a particular city or province .
5f . Payments ( Payment Settings )
Here you can specify the payment gateway for customers . Among the various options available , we will use the Test Gateway and PayPal Payments Standard 2.0 .
PayPal Payments Standard 2.0 can be used if you have a PayPal account . This will allow customers to purchase products using PayPal .
We can also use the option as a means of payment Gateway obat telat bulan Test manual . After selecting and editing the payment option , you must provide all the details of the payment are in need .
Note the following screenshot :
setting - payment
setting - payments - paypal
5g . checkout
At the option Misc Checkout Options enable Users must register before checking out , Enable Shipping as Billing Option : and Force users to use SSL .
Form Fields You can set up a form for costumer checkout form . You can create a new form or use a form of default . You can change the Name , Type , and the Mandatory option . You can also drag and drop , to delete and define different areas based on your needs .
Click on Save Changes
5h . Marketing ( marketing )
This option is used to share and obat aborsi promote your products on various social networking sites , RSS and Google Merchant Center . For now we will select the option Show Share This , Customer Survey and Facebook Like .
Click Update .
5h . Import
Import option is used to upload products automatically use csv file . We discuss this later pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar.

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